Sr.No. Innovation and Experimentation Class Subject Learning objective initially envisaged Learning objective realised or not Teacher in-charge Designation Download Photo
1 FOOTPRINT II Maths Tracing their family Footprint & compare it, Tracing of Things, like Bowl, scale, sharpener, dice, star, Ice cream cone. Yes Realized Miss Prachi Gedam PRT
2 Fruit chatt V EVS Discussion of Anaemia Yes Realized Mrs.Sunita Sharma PRT
3 Post services V Hindi Process of post service old & new Yes Realized Mrs.Nisha.D.Saxena PRT
4 Water life III English Pronunciation Yes Realized Mrs.Surekha Kulkarni PRT
5 Thing which be eaten Raw. III EVS What is cooking? Yes Realized Mrs.Anita Mishra PRT
6 Clear the concept of zero I Clear the concept of zero Yes Realized Mrs.Anita Mishra PRT
7 Turn of the pictures V Maths How does the pictures look on different turns Yes Realized .D.S.Bodhankar PRT
8 Lesson – The Wind and the sun. II English Strengthening word pattern. Strengthening Vocabulary. Learning correct sentence formation. Yes Realized Alka Vaidya PRT
9 Experiments with Water V EVS To find out which things dissolve in water and what settle down at the bottom. Yes Realized .Mrs.Anju Saran. PRT